Government Relationships
Government Relationships

What sets Powers, Griffin & Hill apart are the unique relationships and experiences that lead to results. The lobbying team is comprised of professionals with experience as governmental leaders and advocates on both the local and state level. The lobby team has deep connections with key legislators, with some team members working at the Capitol or in the Administration. These relationships with key public officials are long-standing – based on friendships and trust earned over many years.

Team Approach
Team Approach

The firm also functions as a full team - rather than as lobbyists with independent relationships - to leverage collective strengths and insights. This approach has earned the firm a reputation of being efficient and effective, regardless of client or topic.

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Serving CT's Key Industries
Serving CT's Key Industries

Powers, Griffin & Hill represent clients in a variety of areas - including healthcare, transportation, taxation, economic development, energy, bonding and insurance. Depending on the issue, firm services may include lobbying the legislature, lobbying the Administration, coordinating a grassroots or public relations campaign, or representing the client before a state agency - whatever appropriate action it takes to obtain a positive outcome for our client.

Serving CT’s Key Industries

Current Government Information
Current Government Information

Because governmental bodies face numerous complex issues, Powers, Griffin & Hill prides itself on developing deep, extensive knowledge bases of each issue. Staying up-to-date on the key issues before state and local governments is not just a hallmark of the firm - it is also a tangible differentiator that positions the firm to react immediately in the best interest of all lobbying clients.

Lobbyist Service
Lobbyist Service

While each initiative is different, Powers, Griffin & Hill delivers results through a combination of lobbying services - using a process that typically includes:

  • Lobbying needs & objectives identification
  • Proposed public policy analysis
  • Governmental action impact assessment
  • Legislation drafting
  • Regulations drafting
  • Special interest group negotiations
  • Legislative decision maker negotiations
  • Target constituent education & mobilization

How can we service you?

Industries Served

General Assembly

Establishing a path for clients in dealings with regulatory agencies and executive offices


Negotiating legislation for energy companies, as well as environmental groups


Lobbying for healthcare organizations to ensure quality resources, care & facilities

Economic Development

Moving forward on every level of economic & community development initiatives


Creating a level playing field with better standards for those in the media industry

Public Safety

Advocating for public safety, from emergency services to driving regulations


Impacting the course of insurance legislation and public policy


Influencing educational issues – including educator training, curriculum, & student loans